• Cuppa Journey Activities Book

    Inside this book are the five secret Missions you must carry out to find ‘The Confident Mindset’ – Is each Mission possible? You will be asked to complete at least eight challenges for each Mission and will be scored on your journey through all five Missions. There is also a final adventure to challenge your skill …….. but will you be able to finish it successfully? Don’t worry, you are not alone! You can take the Missions with your friends……. and there are also some challenges for your parents and adult friends too. Are you ready for a journey that could change your life forever?

  • Cuppa Journey – Adult’s Book

    CUPPA is a complete guide to help your child or pupils to achieve the ‘Confident Mindset’. It will also help you understand what it takes to make their emotional confidence journey more successful.

    The Adult Guide incorporates two approaches:
    1. an ‘express’ guide with some simple key tips for each mission
    2. an ‘educational’ guide with a more detailed explanation, which will help you understand what it takes to give your young person that ‘Confident Mindset’ – a gift that could last their entire lifetime! By working together, using the measures and guidance, you will be on the path to achieving success.

    It’s not all plain sailing however, as there are some quiz questions for you too at the end of each Mission (don’t worry there are some answers)

  • Cuppa Journey – Children’s Book

    Chris Cupsworth lives in his own world which is sometimes real and sometimes fantasy. Chris is concerned with his physical appearance and has had problems with bullies at school. He is facing his exams and is nervous about the future. On the night before his big exams he has a ‘visitor’ who offers him choices that could help him to overcome all his fears. But for this to be successful, Chris must also make some crucial decisions!

    Chris embarks on an amazing journey around the world as he begins to understand each of the five secrets of ‘The Confident Mindset’. He meets some interesting new friends and teachers, but faces some difficult dilemmas along the way. You have the chance to join Chris on his journey and make some challenging decisions. You will be required to complete the five Missions successfully and will be scored on YOUR journey! Are you ready for an adventure that could change your life forever?

Investigating Officer’s Statement

Ross McWilliam is the author of Cuppa Journey.

A Quest to Find the Five Secrets of the Confident Mindset


Follow the story of Chris Cupsworth as he lives through a world of fantasy and reality. Having won a place at London Confidence School, he meets Charlie Challenge and Mrs Competition who teach him the value of challenge . He has a few nasty scrapes with the infamous MacTwins and encounters many situations where he must make difficult decisions. His journey takes him around the world!

When he has learnt about the confident mindset it’s only with the help of the intrepid explorer Mixed Grylls and the famous actor Tel Fibson that he learns exactly how to apply the confident mindset and change his life.

Chris never stops learning and becomes a more confident person… but was it all really a dream or was it reality?

Age Range

10 – 12 years

TIB have been commissioned to give advice on how to publicise the author / books to potential buyers (parents and educational establishments) and the best way to sell the books online, to develop a microsite with online shop and advertise the book series launch on social media.

  • Client: Author Ross McWilliam
  • Client Requirements: Business Review, Coaching, Training, Ecommerce Website, Social Media, Sales & Marketing
  • Website: http://www.cuppajourney.com

What is Business Performance Management?

Business performance management consists of a set of management and analytic processes, supported by technology, that enable businesses to define strategic goals and then measure and manage performance against those goals.

Core business performance management processes include financial planning, operational planning, business modeling, consolidation and reporting, analysis, and monitoring of key performance indicators linked to strategy.

Business performance management involves consolidation of data from various sources, querying, and analysis of the data, and putting the results into practice. Would you like us to look over your business performance?

Cuppa Journey Case Notes

Business Growth Challenges

Ross McWilliam has had a life full of challenges….and he wouldn’t want it any other way. Since his early years he has learnt to overcome challenge after challenge on his own, and not by comparing to others.

“It’s not where YOU start and it’s not where YOU finish…. its about overcoming your challenges and finding a way to win…..just as long as you finish! Often it’s the journey that is more important than the destination!”

When Ross initially left school he had no GCE’s and suffered with life time face and body acne scarring, which destroyed his confidence for many years. Refusing to accept his hand, Ross rose to the challenge, he re-took GCE’s and completed his A Level’s whilst battling through illness. Having tested his resilience, Ross then gained a BA with Honours at Carnegie School of Physical Education and subsequently won a scholarship to undertake a Masters in Coaching at Lakehead University in Canada. Whilst in Canada, he suffered a serious knee injury which required reconstructive surgery. His sporting career was over and though he wasn’t to know it at the time, the debilitating injury over time would dictate his future.

On his return to the UK Ross struggled to find employment and had many part time jobs. At the age of 32 he decided to become a formal teacher and passed his PGCE at Southampton University. Since this time Ross has taught at all levels of educational delivery and across three countries. In total, he has taught in over 500 schools and has positively influenced over 250,000 young people.

Ross has the ability to reframe his perspective from many negative events, and use the events to catapult himself into positive performance. This has ultimately allowed Ross to become an accomplished public speaker, published author and inspiration to many young people.

“It only took me until I was 51 to find my calling. So, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to find yours, just as long as you get there in the end…never ever give up on your potential!”

Ross has so many ideas for the development of this series of books and can to a certain extent sell the books via schools and individuals he already works with. We realised at our first meeting there was massive scope for improvement of digital footprint, product visibility and online sales via a mobile compatible and user friendly wordpress website with woocommerce and channels such as amazon  – we agreed to build an initial website provide on-gong coaching to provide focus and training to realise this business’ growth in the long term.

The growth challenges we identified Ross McWilliam faces are:

  • Reducing reliance on reactive sales
  • Recognising the need to become more strategic
  • Communicating his ‘message’ better to the marketplace
  • Gaining deeper market penetration
  • Ensuring focus where many ideas are possible, but time and resource is limited

Website, social media development and support are being provided to compliment coaching and training.

Business Coaching & Training

Two training courses were identified:

  1. Management Skills

This is targeted at senior managers.

The overall aim was to develop more confident and effective team leaders who can:

  • motivate and develop their people
  • identify process problems and opportunities and deliver solutions
  • get the best from their teams
  • manage their priorities to maximise effectiveness and maintain work-life balance

It consists of four one-day modules, typically run a fortnight apart:

  1. Module One – managing the individual
  2. Module Two – effective one-to-ones and appraisals and introduction to continuous improvement
  3. Module Three – the remainder of continuous improvement and
  4. Module Four – effective teamwork
  5. Module Five – dealing with pressure, clarifying priorities
  6. Module Six – leading change

This structure enabled the participants to reflect on their learning, put learning into practice and review their progress on the next module.

  1. Advanced Customer Sales

This is targeted at managers engaged in customer sales both online and offline.

The overall aim is to further improve customer satisfaction and sales’ performance by better enabling staff to:

  • deal sensitively and effectively with objections and complaints
  • deliver outstanding service
  • convert enquiries to sales and up-sell to customers

It is a two-day training event and addressed:

  • Delighting customers from the start
  • Capturing data
  • Converting the call
  • Up-selling
  • Closing the sale
  • Dealing with objections
  • Your rights and the customer’s rights
  • Turning complaints into satisfaction

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Case Solved

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Through this training the owners and managers of the business are able to more fully appreciate the business as a whole, both offline and online.
  • The training shows them how to more fully identify and manage new  opportunities, be more aware of business risk and strengthen their ability to communicate effectively to an increasing number of interested individuals and organisations across a plethora of platforms.
  • Managers are trained in a number of techniques and applications and gadgets for want of a better word, to enable joined up thinking and working practice, effective reporting and quality assurance, encouraging  culture of change and innovation including the encouragement of ideas on the development of new products to new markets.
  • The main thrust of this training is in hands on sales and marketing; what they are currently doing offline is improved and they will be trained in how to grow online and join up these two streams of thought, action and income.

What are the benefit to the individuals?

  • Increased confidence and knowledge in digital sales and marketing
  • Increased ability to effectively communicate
  • Self awareness of how and where to look for knowledge to solve issues within the business
  • Better time management through the aid of learning helpful applications
  • Development of a commercial mindset even if you are not that way inclined
  • Learn project management
  • To be able to bring ideas to the table and have them debated is encouraging and builds performance

How does the training impact on the growth of the business?

  • Reducing reliance on reactive sales
  • Recognising the need to become more strategic
  • Communicating their ‘message’ better to the marketplace
  • Gaining deeper market penetration
  • Ensuring focus where many ideas are possible, but time and resource is limited

Which can now further be addressed by:

  • Training in developing and managing their strategic approach
  • Training in what, where and how to develop management information
  • Digital sales and marketing training. The development of joined up marketing plans. Understanding existing “customers” better and exploring what new “customers” want and how current/new product/service could address those needs
  • Training in how to take a more proactive approach to the market
  • Training in developing appropriate team skills

How did we embed the training and how will was it validated and evaluated?

Training is given both 1-2-1 and in group sessions. A training plan with ‘actions’ is introduced which requires feedback from the trainee, where further learning requirements will be identified and dealt with until a particular aspect is understood and no further work is required on it in the short-term.. Base-camp online project management software is used to manage the training programme. Validation is achieved in the trainees acknowledgement that they understand the task in hand and evaluated by the training provider until satisfied that this is the case.

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